Vulcan’s Forge
October 19th, 2012

Vulcan’s Forge


  1. SparcMan

    Hah. Only Satsuki isn’t someone that knows “nothing” I’ll bet she was able to glean far more about the project when trying it out than your average kid that doesn’t know anything.

  2. J. Stefaniak

    Even when she knew less than she does, she still knew more than most. She also still didn’t let you know how much she knew. She’s funny that way.

  3. Azure

    Self governing machines run by idiots… YE GADS that’s the worst nightmare of just about anyone with two brain cells to rub together.

  4. James Roden

    Definitely, now think about what would happen if that kind of tech was in the hands of a limited elite, without the impetus to train everyone in how this stuff all works…

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